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  • Provably Fair algorithm ensures fairness in any game

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Não vale a pena, as formas de ganhar no site são tudo manipuladas. Site horrível.

Henrique Gambôa

2 weeks ago


Crash odds less than on 99% of the other crash sites.
1.00x crash chance is 9%.
on normal other sites its 3-6%.
If u look on the provably fair source on crash u can see that the odds for an 2x multiplier is less than 40%.

the site is provably fair. YES. but with very bad odds. In other words: scam odds.

the site should be closed for ever and everyone who lost his money there should get a Refund.

already reported this site

Kathak Masutin

3 weeks ago


Ye me and my friend are gambling often on this site but after we lost much addicted we did request on the support a ban. But they mean "we cant ban on this site, we just can ban u from withdrawing". so we lost 200$ more total thank you. we already in contact with they partner g2a and an lawyer.

EDIT: When we wrote to live support after this review, everything was denied that we never asked for a ban, then we confronted live support with the evidence and we were subsequently banned( just from the live support, im still Not banned from this site.) (also recording from that we will update this review soon to show u all proofs in a video(chatlogs from the ban request, and the live support ban)

Max Mi

1 months ago


Bad site don’t use it.
I asked more than 3 times for a ban because my gambling addiction. They mean „ we cant ban“ on our site. I lost more I request again asked again and they don’t ban me I lost over 300$ because this site is gibing a fck of users. after I i confronted him with the evidence i got banned from live support. ( I have also proof for the ban)
but still not ban from this site and not a refund of any deposit!

Also I had other problems with the site but support don’t cares.

EDIT: after my review I wrote with live support and they mean I never requested a self ban etc but I have 3 Chat logs with supports which send to my email where are the proofs.
legal ways on way.


See yu

Maik Bruok

1 months ago


this is good website for def PC users.
u can try to win or not, simple clever xd


2 months ago


bets, skins,cases and other
i like it all and here u can really win some good items


2 months ago


The site is the best I've seen. I play from a small start, technical support responds around the clock

Grefory Freeman

2 months ago


The site is great, it raised $250 in just a couple of days

Artur Fathutdinov

2 months ago


all fine , good support

risky by

2 months ago


well i have never used this website before, i have deposit and i found a bug, and they actualy have given me a few extra credits, i hope i will make som profit from it, thank you support team!


Photinho TV

2 months ago


Good site, bought there, everything is fast and reliable


2 months ago


i won't lie, I feel like there is some kind of scam system
seemed like every time I bet it never passed 2x, but when I don't bet it reaches 20x and even more, I even once did like 5 in a row and it never passed 2x.
the main site and everything is good, but still I think rework on crash could be done.

my personal experience is not the best, but fellow readers after all its gambling, decided to write this because it seemed sketchy.

jon ban

7 months ago


Best crash! I love you!)

Дмитрий Васильев

10 months ago


Очень крутой сайт! Много режимов игры, удобные способы ввода и вывода средств.

Поднял не 1 скин! Советую всем

Діма Токарикк

10 months ago


One of the best sites for farm

Vlad SH

10 months ago


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